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Collegial Model


Collegial Model

The weak aspects or the disadvantage of the supportive model were eliminated in the Collegial Model.  The word “collegial” is related to the number of persons working for the similar intention. The collegial model in its starting days was most common in the research laboratories and other workspace similar to this.  The theory of the model works on the fundamental objective of developing the mutual contribution by employees and employer. The model encourages the employee to develop a internal bond and think that he/ she is the integral part of it and contribute to the success and growth of the organization. Not only the contribution to the organization but he must also appreciate the work of other employees. In this model no one is the boss and no one is the employee. The management and employee work in the joint. The fo us here is to built a strong and efficient team where every employee know his responsibility and efficiently works for it.  The model is different from the other model in the sense that it provides the self-actualization that is enough to spark the enthusiasm in him.


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