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Rotor Speed Current Frequency Torque And Emf



Rotor Speed Current Frequency ,Torque And Emf




               slip:the slip is a ratio of synchronous rpm minus the actual rpm to the synchronous speed multipled by 100 which is relative  to the synchronous speed


               where s is the slop between 0 and 1

                nr=rotor rotation speed

               ns=synchronous rotation speed


Frequency of rotor current or emf: the rate of cutting flux by the rotor conductors is the major thing on which the frequency of  rotor emf and rotor current depends. The frequency of the rotor induced emf is defined as the product of slip times the supply frequency in running conditions


Rotor current: the rotor current per phase is defined as the ratio of e2 to the z2


Rotor torque: the rotor developed by the rotor is directly proportional to the rotor current, rotor emf and power factor of the rotor circuit.

                               t is directly proportional to e2i2cos—Ą

Rotor emf: the emf induced per phase in the rotor when it is at stand still ,the motor operated as the 3 phase transformer with secondary short circuited .


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