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Effect Of Operating Conditions


          Effect of unbalance supply voltage: the unbalanced supply voltage will make the motor to produce the rotating field which will have  the non uniform rate motion and this motion will be of non uniform strength.

          Effect of loading: due to the increase in load speed decreases and simultaneously the torque increases, this is continued till the torque is developed which will reach the maximum point.

          Effects of variation in the line frequency and line voltage: this variation of the line frequency and line voltage changes lot of parameters, expect affecting the torque and the speed of the motor it also affects the starting current ,starting torque, full load current, maximum torque and the operating temperature of different machine parts and making their operation unsatisfactory.

          Effects of break in one phase: if one of the phase of the polyphase induction motor breaks when it is in operation which will be due to any reason, then the motor will continue to operate in single phase till the load does not exceed 57.5%  of the normal rating, having the same temperature rise as when carrying rated voltage as a 3 phase induction motor.it will not operate in single phase until the speed is changed by means of external source for example putting on the belt, then it will continue satisfactory operation when load is below 57.7 % of rated one.



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