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When a H – C bond is attached to an unsaturated system such as double bond or a benzene ring, the sigma () electrons of the H – C bond interact or enter into partial conjugation with the unsaturated system. The interaction between the electrons of  systems (multiple bonds) and the adjacent  bonds (single H – C bonds) of the substituent groups in organic compounds is called Hyperconjugation. The concept of Hyperconjugation was developed by Baker & Nathan and is also known as Baker & Nathan Effect. 

According to this concept, alkyl group carrying at least one hydrogen atom is attached to an unsaturated carbon atom; it releases electrons of carbon – hydrogen single bond towards the multiple bonds. 











The various hyperconjugation forms of propene are called contributing structures or hyperconjugative structures. In fact hyperconjugation effect is similar to resonance effect. Since there is no bond between the carbon atom and one of the hydrogen atoms, the hyperconjugation is also called no bond resonance.



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