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Hydra Locomotion

Assignment and Homework help in Hydra Locomotion

Hydra Locomotion :


Hydra shows movements of the following types:

1.Expansion and contraction. Hydra, when hungry, remains attached to a substratum in water and frequently expands and contracts itself at intervals. This behaviour of Hydra is called contraction burst. It is initiated by a pacemaker located near the base of the hypostome. These movements help to bring food organisms in contact with the tentacles which are waved all around in water. Also, contraction of one side and elongation of other side of the body or tentacles result in the bending and swaying movements which assist in the capture of prey.

2. Looping. Hydra can also move from place to place in search of food. Usually the body first extends and then bends over, so that the tentacles attach to the substratum with the help of adhesive glutinant nematocysts. Then the pedal disc is relased and brought up closer to the circlet of tentacles and attached. The tentacles now loosen their hold and the body becomes erect again. The whole process which is repeated again and again appears like a series of looping movements of a caterpillar or leech.

3 Gliding. For moving a short distance along a smooth surface , Hydra simply slides along on its basal disc like a snail. It can slide or glide slowly over the substratum due to creeping amoeboid movement of the cells of the pedal disc,Considerable distances are sometimes covered in this manner.

4.Walking. Occasionally, Hydra becomes inverted and stands on its tentacles and moves in an inverted condition, using its tentacles as if they were legs. This type of movement takes place on some object such as leaf and in leisurely hours.

5.Climbing. While changing location in a limited area, Pelmatohydra oligactis can even climb by attaching its long tentacles to some object, releasing  the foot, and then contracting the tentacles, so that the body is lifted up.


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