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Earthworm Nervous System

Assignment and Homework help in Earthworm Nervous System

Nervous System :


The nervous system consists of the following components.

1.The central nervous system :

         The central nervous system consists of a pair of suprapharyngeal  ganglia , a pair of circumpharyngeal connectives , a pair of subpharyngeal  ganglia and a double ventral ganglionated nerve cord. The suprapharyngeal or cerebral ganglia lie closely connected together in the anterior part of the third segment , in the groove separating the buccal chamber and the pharynx. A pair of circumpharyngeal connectives , one on either side of the pharynx connects the cerebral ganglia with a pair of subpharyngeal ganglia . These subpharyngeal ganglia lie beneath the pharynx . These ganglia and the connectives together form the nerve ring , which is present around the pharynx. The ventral nerve cord is present along the midventral line extending from the subpharyngial  ganglia to the posterior end of the body .

2.The peripheral nervous system :

           The peripheral nervous system includes , the nerves arising from the central nervous system and innervating the body parts.From the cerebral ganglia eight to ten nerves arise on each side.They divide and supply branches to the prostomium and the wall of the buccal chamber . The circumpharyngeal connectives give off nerves to the body wall of the first segment and the wall of the buccal chamber . The subpharyngeal ganglia supply nerves to the different structures in the second , third and fourth segments . The segmental ganglia in each body segment  , from 5th segment to the last segment , give off three pairs of nerves . These branches supply to the gut wall , body wall and the internal organs of the segment in which they are formed.

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