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Immortal Amoeba

Assignment and Homework help in Immortal  Amoeba 

Immortal Amoeba :


Amoeba may be obtained for class study by scraping decaying vegetation from the bottom of a pond. When the scraping is allowed to settle in a wide-mouthed container, amoebae of different kinds may be found in the sediment and sorted with the help of a fine pipette.

A temporary culture of amoeba can be prepared in the laboratory by the hay infusion method. Decaying aquatic weeds or other organic substances such as hay, dry leaves, twigs, seeds, etc, are taken and boiled with sufficient amount of fresh water. To prepare culture medium, the tap water should not be used because it is usually chlorinated. After boiling for about 15 minutes, the water is filtered and the filtrate is allowed to cool. To this filterate a few amoeba-rich water drops are added and the   amoebae are allowed to multiply for 2 or 3 days. A culture can also be maintained in the laboratory by keeping amoebae in small covered dishes serve as food for the bacterial growth on which other food for the bacterial growth on which other micro-organisms feed and which in turn serve as food for the amoebae. New culture should be started from time to time by putting together fresh wheat grains and a few amoebae from the older cultures.

Amoeba proteus has been derived from two Greek words-Amoeba from amoibe which menas change, and proteus after the name of the mythical sea-god Proteus, who could change shape. Thus, the interesting feature associated with this animal is that it has no shape, or rather, its shape a constantly changing, amoeba was first described by Rosenhof in 1755. H.I. Hirschfield (1962) has given a full and comprehensive account of the biology of amoeba.  


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