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Amoeba Reproduction

Assignment Help in Amoeba Reproduction


Reproduction is an important life process of producing young ones of the same kind.

Type of reproduction in amoeba is asexual reproduction . Reproduction without the fusion of pronuclei is called asexual reproduction. It generally occurs during the favourable conditions.Genetic recombination does not occur in asexual reproduction. The young ones show uniparental inheritance, without any genetic variations. The type of asexual reproduction in amoeba is binary fission.

  1. Binary fission is the division of the parent into two daughter individuals. The nucleus divides into two daughter nuclei and is called karyokinesis. The division of the cytoplasm i.e.cytokinesis follows it. The body of the parent is divided into two daughter individuals. In amoeba plane of binary fission is irregular.
  2. Multiple fission: according to some earlier workers, amoeba reproduces by multiple fission, during adverse environmental conditions. The animal secretes a three-layred protective, chitinous cyst, the nucleus repetedly divides to form several daughter nuclei, which arrange themselves near the periphery. Each daughter amoeba, called amoebula or pseudopodiospoe. When favourable conditions arrive, the cyst breaks off liberating the young pseodopodiaspore, each with fine pseudopodia. They feed and grow rapidly to become adults and lead an encystment is no longer believed to occu in amoeba by the modern workers.
  3. Conjugation: Some observers have described a temporary fusion between two amoebae. After some time they become separated again. It is said that this temporary union enables the two ameobae to lead a more active and vigorous life. This phenomenon is termed rejuvenation.

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