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Amoeba Locomotion

Assignment and Homework help in Amoeba Locomotion 





  • Locomotion is performed in search of food, mate, shelter and to escape from the predators . In amoeba locomotion is brought about by the cellular extensions called pseudopodia.
  • Locomotion caused by pseudopodia is called amoeboid or pseudopodia locomotion . This type of locomotion was explained by solgel theory or change of viscosity theory. Hyman advocated the concept of change of viscosity for the formation of pseudopodia. Pantin and mast confirmed and explained the solgel theory.The cytoplasm of amoeba can be distinguished into outer ectoplasm or plasmagel, and inner endoplasm or plasmasol . Plasmagel and sol are inter-convertible .
  • Formation of pseudopodia or disappearance of pseudopodia is due to the inter -convertibility of gel and sol and is a physiochemical change .
  • Gel becomes sol by taking water and sol becomes gel by losing water . Solgel theory was also explained on the basis of action of protein molecules. The protein molecules involved are actin and myosin . Golacre and Lorsch explained the phenomenon of gelation and solation on the basis of folding and unfolding of protein molecules.
  • They explained that cytoplasm would gelate when the protein molecules unfold and solate when they fold. Another theory was fountain zone theory.
  • This theory was explained by Allen. Allen proposed that plasmasol flows forwards due to the pulling force caused by sliding of acting molecules over myosin molecules at the advancing end.


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